About Me

About Me

About MamaZombieZA

Mom of two, feeder of cats, dog lover.

Wannabe writer, pretend geek, trainee health freak.

Pony enthusiast, nail polish n00b, hoarder of beauty products.

Secretly obsessed with psytrance.

50% coffee, 50% wine.

Proudly Durban born and raised.

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  1. 35.I still think about my best friend Garyth nearly every day, even though he’s been gone for nearly 2 years. It’s not getting easier like everyone promised it would

    Fuck it. We have allot in common besides the Gemini thing. My best friend, Tim died when we were 25… I turned 37 yesterday… it does not get easier.

  2. I can relate to number :2, 4, 5 ( not any more!! ) 7, 18( working on it!! I should maybe just cut up all cards and close accounts for good) 19 ( cardigans and scarves) 26 ( I was very few people left, sometimes I wonder if I’m not to hard on others) 29 that’s why number 7 is so bad!! 33 and 45.

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