Exciting Times! With Cabbage!

Hi Lovelies! No listicle today, just popping in to tell you about some exciting stuff going down in my life along with a warning of what’s happening next week.

In my first round of exciting news, we had a rather lovely windfall recently, so the very first thing I did (before I even bought nail polish!!) was book not one, but TWO tattoos. EEK! Very excited to get started on my left leg and check some things off my list of tattoos I NEED! 3 December is Tattoo Day and I’m completely spazzing out with excitement.

Next up, I’m going on a spa day! Not just any spa day, but a freaking premier package spa day. EEK! I’ve never been to a spa before! I cannot WAIT!!

So much excitement, but I cannot help noticing that I am slowly sliding back into some really shitty eating habits. Before above mentioned windfall, the food budget didn’t exactly extend to blue berries and quinoa, so pasta and breads have crept back in and with them, most of the weight I have lost over the last year. Damnit. I’m not exactly the right shape to be taking my pants off for a tattooist or masseuse. (ha, that sounds ridiculously porno!) What do you even wear at a spa day? I mean, I know you get gowns, but do you get to keep your undies on?

Anyway. I haven’t left myself much time to lose weight, so I’ve decided to try the cabbage soup diet next week. According to everything I’ve read, you can lose 2-4.5kgs in a week! I know these quick fixes aren’t great, but I need to kick start something somehow. After that I plan on going back to the way of eating I followed earlier this year with quite a bit of success .

So here’s the diet. You eat certain things every day and then as much cabbage soup as you can fit in. Wish me luck! I’ll be keeping a diary of the week so you can read all about it when I’m done.

Wish me luck!



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