Five for Friday – Kids Movie Edition

Hi everyone! Did you miss me? I think the break was exactly what I needed, I’m ready to blog with a vengeance! I have decided to take a leaf out of Bits and Pieces’ blog and start doing a Five for Friday series.

Inspiration for this one hit me last night when we were busy watching one of my very favourite kids movies. We watch a lot of kids movies. We’re currently working our way through FOURTEEN seasons of Pokemon. Shoot me. It was fun and nostalgic when we started. Now I want to punch Ash in his stupid face.  Any parent will know the horror of watching the same movie a billion times because your spawn will apparently NEVER get tired of the damn thing. There’s a few movies that I still love, even though I have seen them over and over

and over

and over.

5. Frozen


I went through all the usual stages with this movie – love it, hate it, cannot get that fckn song out my head, please shoot me, but now we’re back to loving it. There’s nothing quite as fun as having the entire household singing along at full volume. I can belt out Let it Go with the best of them and screw what the neighbours think!

4.  Brave


What isn’t to love about this. I love anything Celtic. The bagpipes, the brawling Scots, everything about this movie is fantastic. I love Merida and think she is a wonderful role model for girls, a nice departure from the standard princess getting rescued story.

3. Tangled


Three princess movies in my top five? Who am I even? LOL. I have seen Tangled so often and still adore it. That bit where she is reunited with her parents? Tears. Every single time.

2. Book of Life


This is one of the prettiest movies I have ever seen and it may have sparked my tiny obsession with sugar skulls. I love the moral message in the movie (It’s wrong to kill the bull!) and another smart, strong female character.

1. Monster High


Well, this is kind of obvious. I can’t decide which is my favourite one though! I love 13 Wishes, Boo York, Friday Night Frights and Freaky Fusion the most of the lot, but couldn’t pick a winner from those. I love the monsters, I love the message of tolerance and acceptance that the movies have and I love that they teach kids that it’s ok to be different. Ghouls Rule! 🙂

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