Mandatory New Year Post

Mandatory New Year Post

Hello Lovelies!

I guess this is the part where I tell you all what 2016 was like and how fantastic 2017 is going to be and and and. Well, as we know from years gone by I am less than great at resolutions. Even when we don’t call them resolutions. Everything starts off great and then the mehfuckits set in and everything goes for a ball of shit. Let’s be honest here for a second, this year will be no different.

Wait. This post isn’t supposed to be gloomy. Damnit. I’ve had a pretty decent holiday, got the perfect balance of going out and doing stuff and staying at home with my ass firmly planted on the couch so I’m heading into the work year feeling pretty positive and motivated.  I think I’ve just come to the point where I have to be realistic about resolutions and long term goals and my lack of attention span when it comes to these things.

I think I’d like this year to be about realising what made me happy in 2016 and doing more of that. While 2016 was a really tough year in some ways, I have found out what works for me and what doesn’t.  Anything that was filed under doesn’t is staying behind. Simple.

Last year I continued with my gardening obsession, but this time round, I got my hands dirty and did the digging myself, instead of being in a more managerial role and just pointing where I wanted stuff. It’s amazingly therapeutic. I want to spend more time outside in the garden and grow more of our food. The very first plants I’ve ever grown from seed are starting to flower now, and it’s been so rewarding watching them grow!

I spent time over the holidays colouring in and reading. I need to do more things that quiet my brain and make me feel more at peace than scrolling on my phone mindlessly.

I want to finish my 52 weeks of blogging project. There’s some really cool topics I didn’t get to last year and I’m angry at myself for not getting to them. I love blogging. It’s another thing that calms me and helps me feel okay, so as long as I’m having fun doing it, I’m going to carry on.

My circle of friends seems to get smaller and smaller each year, but I am at the point where I know my tribe and I love them intensely. I want to spend more time with them, maybe even outside my house. I really haven’t left the house for many social events in the past year. I like having people come to me. Maybe this year I can change that.

I want to explore more of Durban and spend more time in the places I love. More picnics, more early morning beach missions, more time spent exploring museums, more everything. I want to take the dogs for more walks and do a Park Run. I spent too much time in the couch last year and always felt so much better after a day out doing things than I did after a day of blobbing.

My problem is that I get depressed if I don’t get off my ass and do things, but I don’t get off my ass and do things because I feel depressed. Not very useful is it? Maybe if I can kick start the year on a happy active note, I’ll find the energy to sustain it.

Heh. Typical me. I set out to NOT make resolutions and goals and I think I just did exactly that. SMFH. Ok. Let’s call them wishes. these are things I wish for in 2017. Maybe that will make them less prone to being shut down by the mehfuckits.

Have you made goals or resolutions for 2017? What are they?

Thanks for reading!

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