Zombie Prompts! 2. What DIY projects are on your spring to-do list?

zombie prompts

This is a no brainer for me.  This spring I am all about my garden! We have already started planting a few things. Our tomato plants are growing well and the baby spinach is exploding! My mint, which I thought was almost dead has revived brilliantly and we planted leftover spring onion that we bought from Pick n Pay to cook with, which is now growing madly too. It’s super rewarding to watch it all and I just want to rush off and buy ALL the plants!

I have three set projects I want to do this spring (apart from the million other ideas I have!):

  1. There’s a bare little patch outside the front door, with a stone that says “Kid’s Garden” on the border. I want to turn this into a lovely little flower garden for Emma to look after.
  2. I want to make a strawberry box out of pallets. There’s a really cool tutorial here. We do have a strawberry plant, but when you have four family members that all love strawberries, one plant is not enough… time to ramp up production!
  3. After i read this article about using herbs in the bath, and another that I cannot find the damn link to now, I want to grow herbs in the bathroom. How amazing would it be to pick sprigs of fresh herbs off the plants to throw into the bath? Luckily our new house gets sun right on the bathroom window, so they should grow quite well!

What’s on your to-do list for spring? Do you grow any herbs/fruit or veggies at home?

Thanks for reading!

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